Cookies at HappyPancake

At HappyPancake we use so called cookies in order to be able to develop and optimize the service and be able to deliver the best possible experience and to make the content more relevant and make it easier for you as a visitor.

Shortly, cookies are a small text file that is being sent and stored on your computer or phone when you’re visiting our web page. There are two types of cookies, permanent and temporary, so called session cookies. Permanent cookies are stored until you, or the server who sent them, deletes them. Session-cookies are being stored temporary and are removed after you’ve closed your browser.

We use cookies for many reasons such as:

  • Keep preferences and settings
  • Gather information such as visitor statistics, browsers and other technical attributes
  • Inspect how the service is being used by our visitors
  • More relevant ads (for example not showing the same ads over and over again)

As a visitor you have the ability to stop the usage of cookies If you do not give consent to the usage of cookies, you can disable cookies in your browser and remove existing such by performing clearing cookies in your browsers settings. Be aware that by disabling the cookies you will not be able to use the service as intended, features such as sign in to your account won’t be possible.

Partners cookie’s policy

When you sign in to HappyPancake the first time you will need to leave consent for our advertiser partners. In settings you have the ability to change earlier consents given.

If you wanna read more about online behavioural adversiting, please visit