Integrity at HappyPancake

HappyPancake protects your personal privacy and strives to protect your personal information in the best possible way. It is therefore important for us for you to understand how the processing of your personal information looks like using your services.

On these pages you can read about the personal data we treat about you and how your information is processed and the rules that applies to the service:

Your rights

When we handle your personal information, you have rights under the General Data Protection Regulation. This means that you can, for example, get information about when and how we handle your personal information, or ask us to delete your information. For complete information about your rights, please see the General Data Protection Regulation.

If you use the site or our apps without creating an account, HappyPancake does not save your personal information. However, third parties can save personal information through cookies stored in your browser through HappyPancake.

If you have an account on HappyPancake, you can authorize a removal of your account and the personal data belonging to it by navigating to settings and issue a deletion of the account. Be aware that removal of the account can take some processing time. Also note that all data will be removed when issuing a deletion provided they are not required to complete any laws.

Here's how to use your rights:

Send a request to support.

In short, you will receive an Email from HappyPancake’s Support with a form that you will need to fill in in order for us to process your case. For certain types of cases, additional ID, email or phone verification is required. If so, you will receive information about this via email.