Privacy policy for you who use HappyPancake

1. Introduction

HappyPancake protects your personal privacy and strives to protect your personal information in the best possible way. This policy describes what personal data HappyPancake AB ("HappyPancake") handles about you, why HappyPancake processes your personal information and how your personal information is handled. The Privacy Policy also describes your rights to HappyPancake and how you can exercise your rights.

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2. HappyPancake is the data controller

Unless stated HappyPancake is data controller for handling the personal data that is being gathered or retrieved.

If you wish to get in contact with HappyPancake, feel free to send a email to [email protected] or a letter to

HappyPancake AB BOX 38137 100 64 Stockholm Sweden

3. What personal data we handle and their time of storage

What personal information we handle about you depends on which services you use at HappyPancake and what information you share with HappyPancake. Below you have information about what tasks HappyPancake is processing, why HappyPancake is processing your data and how long you HappyPancake stores your data.

Please note that HappyPancake may store your personal information if HappyPancake has such an obligation in accordance with applicable law. Furthermore, HappyPancake may, in the event of an upcoming dispute, save the information required for HappyPancake to determine, enforce or defend legal claims.

3.1 When you are using HappyPancake

HappyPancake will register your IP address when you use any of our services in order to make sure that HappyPancake’s services are not being abusively used. The legitimate interest is that it is necessary out of security point of view.

3.2 When you have a account at HappyPancake

HappyPancake collects and processes the information you freely provide to HappyPancake when you create and use a profile. Your email address or phone number is your username and is being used in order to be able to recover a lost password as well as making sure users are not systematically signing up for multiple accounts. We do never require you to leave your real name or your full society number when using a profile at HappyPancake. The treatment is based on a balance of interests as a legal basis, where HappyPancake’s legitimate interest is that it is necessary to process the data to offer this service.

HappyPancake will register your IP address when you sign in to your account and the number of sign ins in order to be able to identify if someone unauthorized is using your account without your knowledge. The legitimate interest is that it is necessary out of security point of view.

HappyPancake also processes the data you’ve provided to HappyPancake when using your account (such as saved searches, visited profiles, uploaded photos, sent messages) to make your experience on HappyPancake as good as possible. The treatment is based on a n interest weighting as a legal basis, where HappyPancake’s legitimate interest is to deliver a user-friendly service to you.

Your data is stored as long as you have an account on HappyPancake. If you have not used your account in three years, HappyPancake will delete your account and your information. HappyPancake will inform you before your account is deleted so you can log in to keep your information.

3.3 When you use HappyPancake’s applications

If you use HappyPancake’s applications some data will get stored on your device (for example your mobile) where the application is installed in order to give you a smooth experience of the service. The information contains your sign in details in order to keep you signed in, when was the last time the application was opened, debug information regarding your latest crash, search history ect. The treatment is based on a balance of interests as a legal basis, where HappyPancake’s legitimate interest is that it is necessary to process the data to offer this service.

You can at any point of time remove this local information from your device by uninstalling the application.

4. Who can HappyPancake decide to share your personal data with?

HappyPancake may transfer your personal data to suppliers whom HappyPancake has hired for storage, website optimization and HappyPancake applications, as well as text and e-mail. These recipients are only entitled to process your personal information on behalf of HappyPancake in connection with their service to HappyPancake. HappyPancake takes all reasonable legal, technical and organizational measures to ensure that your data is handled securely and with an adequate level of protection when transferred to, or shared with, such selected third parties.

5 Transfer of personal data outside of EU/EES

Your personal information will mainly be processed within the EU / EEA, but may also be transferred to non-EU / EEA countries to suppliers responsible for website optimization and applications as well as email and marketing services. HappyPancake has taken appropriate safeguards to protect your personal data by ensuring that the recipient is affiliated with Privacy Shield or by the recipient of your personal data having signed a contract containing provisions that ensure your data is processed in accordance with the Data Protection Ordinance.

6. Your rights

You have certain statutory rights that you can claim against HappyPancake. Below is a summary of these rights. For complete information about your rights, please see the General Data Protection Regulation.

Right to delete your personal data You are entitled to remove your profile from HappyPancake. This will also remove the personal data kept with your profile. By sending a email to [email protected] or by singing in and issuing a removal from the settings menu.

Right to access a transcript. You are entitled to answer if HappyPancake processes personal information about you. If so, you are entitled to information about, among other things, what personal data is being processed, the purpose of the processing, what external recipients are taking part in your personal data and how long the HappyPancake stores your personal data.

The right to data portability. You are entitled to request a copy of the personal data you have provided HappyPancake in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format. You also have the right to request HappyPancake to transfer these personal data to another person responsible for personal data. The right to data portability applies to the personal data processed on the basis of your consent.

Correction of incorrect information. You are entitled to request HappyPancake to correct incorrect or incomplete information about yourself.

Deletion of certain tasks. You are entitled to request that HappyPancake delete your personal information under certain conditions, such as The personal data are no longer necessary for the purpose for which HappyPancake collected the personal data.

Right to object to HappyPancake’ processing of personal data. You are entitled to object to HappyPancake’s processing of your personal information under certain conditions. Right to limit processing of your personal data. You may request a limitation of HappyPancake’ processing of your personal data in some cases. For example, if you deny that your personal information is correct, you may request a limitation of treatment for a time that allows HappyPancake to check if your personal information is correct.

Complaint. If you have complaints regarding HappyPancake’s processing of your personal data, you have the right to file such complaints to the Swedish data protection authority.

If you want to make a registry, correction, deletion, objection or limitation, please visit for information on how to contact HappyPancake.

7. Changes in the privacy policy

HappyPancake reserves the right to make changes to this privacy policy. If such changes occur, this will be announced on HappyPancake’s services or another way HappyPancake finds its appropriate.